Sue’s Dragon

Made by Sue King

Hi From Scotland, after getting a book about sculpting by Jonni, I gave it a go, my husband said he would really like a dragon for his birthday!, so this is my attempt, it was only my second sculpture so I’m just a novice, but I hope it makes you smile.

Ps, I used cardboard for the spine, and reinforced the legs with garden wire, I also used fishing weights in the middle of the body to help the balance. I made the pattern myself after doing a few drawings. Sometimes it’s just fun to go for it and see what turns out. Great way to be creative and have fun.

paper mache dragon face with glass eyes

5 thoughts on “Sue’s Dragon”

  1. Super impressive Sue! I can’t believe you are a novice! You have to continue on! I loved everything about it, the sculpt, the painting and those eyes! You caught a cute expression in his stance as well. Lots of people can sculpt but when you can capture a mood or personality, that’s what makes it art. I’m sure hubby will be delighted.


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