Student work from teaching clay

Made by Lee Bell and friends.

Not paper mache’ , but I am so proud of all of them . These big greek urns are from students that were making 3 ” pinch pots and had never taken clay before two months ago. I think they did a fantastic job on there first semester. I have been offered to teach four courses next semester and I am eyeing that dragon pattern for hand building Jonni ! Or maybe the three pack of a few different animal masks for hand building two – I think these students would love them as a lot of little animals were showing up in their work .

I am looking forward to being off for the summer too though as I need to get back to my crete chae clay and do more for group on my web site . This first semester of teaching has been incredibly time consuming with planning, teaching, grading and learning the departments kilns and glazes.

Orca Coil Pot
Large coil pot student work

5 thoughts on “Student work from teaching clay”

      • Yes, I understood that these were students’ work, but how wonderful you are able to teach about something you love. And I imagine that keeps you pretty busy.

    • Hi Jonni , Yes it is college , though two are high school students taking dual enrollment. They did a fantastic job , very proud of them for their perserverance and super results for a ceramics introduction class . Hope you are doing well . I am seriously thinking about your dragon pattern for ceramics two and adapting it to clay ,just starting to write my courses for fall , as I will be teaching 4 courses starting in August .


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