Stranger Things Halloween decorations

Made by Marissa Hagood

I wanted to make sure to thank Jonni for her videos and I hope she sees this because if it wasn’t for the tutorials I wouldn’t have the first clue on how to do any of this! I know this probably isn’t what you typically see your recipes being used for, but I am a special FX makeup artist and usually paint and sculpt things for FX makeup and prosthetics. I decided to try and fabricate some Halloween decorations but I really wanted to make them look realistic and cool. I also wanted to do something a more cost efficient way. I am not sure if you have seen the show Stranger Things Season 4, but that is the theme I did for the decorations. I made a life size Vecna monster and covered his entire body in your paper mache original recipe, I then hand sculpted his head with your air dry paper mache recipe. I also did a creepy victim with your air dry clay recipe. I am 4’11 and He was around 6’0 I had to string him up with rope in my closet so I could attach his head! I wish I could send you a video so you could see all of the details I was able to create with your clay, also the time lapse of using it and covering his whole body! I think you would think it was pretty cool! People were coming to my house to take pictures and they thought it was awesome, it was all thanks to you!! I will definitely be using your recipe for Christmas I was thinking about making some gremlins to put outside and make them look like they’re ruining my Christmas decorations, haha!

Stranger Things Halloween Decoration

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  1. Awesome big fan of Stranger thing and Jonni Goode I think you did a great job of representing both. I love it

  2. Wow – what a challenging project! We would love to see that video. If you posted one on YouTube, just include the URL in a comment and I’ll move it up into your post so we can see it.


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