Stephanie’s owl is FINISHED

Made by Stephanie Nasshahn

Well he’s finally done, August 11th I cut out the paper pattern. 2 months of work and I loved every minute. This is a Christmas gift for my daughter in law, she’s gonna love it. 🙂

owl sculpture made with paper mache clay

owl sculpture made with paper mache clay

8 thoughts on “Stephanie’s owl is FINISHED”

  1. Wow! He’s a fearsome looking creature! Looks like a lot of work but worth the end result, love him!

  2. Oh, Yes! I remember the first time I visited my brother in Canada, he took us to the Rocky Mountains (just go). I saw a moose and went running after it. He ran after me screaming to stop, that it might kill me. Anyway, I love moose. Good luck. (You only need a little with your talent!)

  3. Stephanie, that is great. A super creation and beautifully executed. You ought to be proud of yourself for such a wonderful owl and also for the surrounding nature and snake. Thank you for showing us the process as you went along. It was awesome from step one.

    What’s next?

    • Rex, thank you. A friend of mine found a gorgeous moose skull that she is going to paint. Because I got super jealous and want to paint it too, I decided to make my own and paint it the way I want too ?
      So next is a moose skull, wish me luck ?


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