6 thoughts on “Steel 3D deer Bucky”

  1. Alan, after you left a comment on my tutorial, I thought I’d take a look at your creation. Love it! That deer has so much character. I found the video very interesting–especially the way you worked from the inside out, so it was formed organically instead of from large pieces of steel, like you would cut a dress pattern. That way of working allows the shape to change as you go along, which adds to the charming folk character of your deer.

    So now that you’re emboldened by your success, I’d love to see what you come up with next!

    • Thanks Rex. I am glad that you like the hedgehog. Metal art is my first love. It took me a year to get over the fear of failure to make the steel deer. Yes, I could have made him out of paper mache but I did want him outside. Mom has complained that my dogs have kept the deer away. I wanted to see if I could make him and I did it. Not perfect but close enough. It is sort of funny because when I drive down the street and get close to the house, the deer sort of takes me by surprise (I forget that I put him there).

    • Thanks………………..I thought about it. You know what, a bullet hole would only authenticate his likeness. Then I can just add some red paint from the hole for blood.

      I hope that you are crafting and have fun with it. I did try paper mache but I am not quite into it.


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