Starting baby elephant but only having Nefertiti the giraffe under my belt

Made by Vicki Delalla

But only having Nefertiti under my belt I’m having a problem with dimensions of the elephants body. If I purchase the African elephant mask pattern will could I use it with the same scale 2” squares. Also how did y’all know how much to bulk out the body? I have bottles and bubble wrap waiting.

Baby elephant pattern
Starting the Baby elephant pattern

2 thoughts on “Starting baby elephant but only having Nefertiti the giraffe under my belt”

  1. It is a challenge. I have learned to look at many photographs and get your artist’s eye out. Have fun with it because getting serious at times makes it more difficult. Good luck. I admire the ambition.

    (By the way, I made four elephants and found out AFTER I had made them that two of the people they were for wanted the trunk up, for good luck. I cut the trunk off two elephants but kept two down, and I love it, but just-so-you-know!)

    If you have any questions, this is a great place to post your progress photos. Many artists here can help answer your concerns.

  2. Hi Vicki. You’re making a great start with the pattern. But the two different elephants are made with completely different kinds of patterns, and I can’t see how you would connect them together. The standing baby Indian elephant that you’re working on does need to be hand-sculpted, by looking at photos of real elephants and filling in the forms. Did you the video?


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