Standing outside bear

Made by David Schmidt

I used Jonni’s bear template and doubled the size. Using PVC armature, then cardboard and paper fill. I used a foam insulation tube that I formed into a circle and taped and tied it together then positioned this a the bear belly area to give him some girth. Next I I rand strings to his shoulders and lower hips.

My plan is to finish it after paper Mache with fiberglass and bondo and flex seal. I will post more as I progress. I already more info the log discussion area seeking inputs from others. I’m brand new at this type of thing. I included a link to some of my digital art.

I’m creating this because I live in New Bern NC and our city mascot is a bear. I plan to position it in the back yard leaning against a tree. I will use concrete rebar pounded into the ground then tied to the bears legs with near invisible strong fishing line to get him upright. More fishing line will connect him to the tree at the neck, shoulder and hip areas. I have claws for his paws.

I used tennis shoes for his feet and will widen them maybe by taping a beer bottle to each foot then covering it with paper and tape and paper Mache.

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