Standing fox

Made by Eileen Gallagher

It has been so long since I have posted anything…though I do keep sculpting. I’m just so lazy about getting the pictures!
This is a standing fox. I’ve done foxes before but never attempted a standing one that actually stands level! Yay! It is due to go to a show in February.

Fox made with paper mache clay

5 thoughts on “Standing fox”

  1. Eleen, he is lovely – you are very clever! I love foxes and the expression on yours is so lifelike. I enjoy sculpting wildlife myself and your sculpture has inspired me to attempt a fox, too. Good luck with the show!

  2. Beautiful! Is this sculpted from paper mache clay? Is there any kind of armature or is it just solid clay? Curious as I just did my first project with strips and haven’t tried clay yet.

    • It is the smooth paper mache clay over an armature. I don’t think any of the clays used on this site could just be a whole sculpture, it probably wouldn’t dry all the way through and then there would be issues with mold, etc. An armature would also strengthen the sculpture.
      When making this particular armature,I cut his head off 3 times before I felt the proportions were right. Who among us hasn’t had a project like that? He almost went into the trash bin!

  3. He’s lovely, Eileen. Thanks for showing him to us. The colors are perfect – and congratulations for getting him to stand up. That’s always a challenge!

    Is the show going to be open to the public? If there’s any info about it, or a website, some of our folks might live nearby. If they do, I’m sure they’d love to go see your fox in person – and say ‘hi’ to you, too, of course. 🙂


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