Spring Pig

Made by Alan Monteith

I like doing projects that I can get done in a day ( 5 hours). I picked up a spring from a local garage and turned it into a pig. I made a pig out of a helium tank last year and so I already had the programs for the parts. I am not sure, but while I was painting it, I thought I heard a spider say to me “that is some pig”. Maybe that is why Charlotte had a spring in her step.

Spring Pig, Metal Sculpture

Spring Pig, Metal Sculpture

4 thoughts on “Spring Pig”

  1. Very clever! Nicely done….give Charlotte my best. Ha! (that was to let you know I got your Charlotte’s web reference)

    • Thanks for your kind thoughts. The pig was something that I just had to try. I have not seen one done in this style so I had to make it happen.

    • You are toooooo kind. I am not a welder but I do know the parts are mild steel and the spring is a higher carbon steel. I have to make sure my weld is real hot on the spring otherwise it might fail. Welding is just a different kind of glue. I feel the same way, if I have to think about what it is I am not interested. Other than fighting the mosquitos, it was fun to make.



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