Sploot and Mr Pickle

Made by Joanne Bookmyer

I started this project with a pattern I made for just the legs and head. Figured I didn’t need one for the body because It was just a big old potato shape. Big mistake. First I decided that the body was too short so I chopped him in half and added a couple of inches. Then I looked at it and realized I’d managed to glue-gun his back legs on upside down (knees facing the sky) and his head was way off center- so I cut them off (see photo 2). Then I cut off his ears and moved them a bit. After that I decided the body was still too short so I chopped him in half yet again (photo 3) and added more inches. So, after all that he looks nothing like what I had in mind but I think he turned out okay anyway. Oh, Mr Pickle solved my last problem – I didn’t make sure his front feet were flat to the floor so they were floating in the air. Life would definitely have been easier if I had started with one of Jonni’s brilliant patterns.

Doing surgery on a paper mache dog

Extending the body on a paper mache dog

7 thoughts on “Sploot and Mr Pickle”

  1. I just love him!
    You did such a great job. His eyes and the texture for the fur came out really good.
    Are those roles of crepe paper you used in the middle of his body?

  2. I love his expression. His eyes, ears, nose, and muzzle are wonderful! Those are the parts that I love about dogs and you did a great job on this lovely dog. I find that if I paint the first layer with white emulsion and draw in the eyes that I get the proportions right (or, almost right). I too, have chopped up a few sculptures to get the pose and/or proportions right. It’s scary at first but so satisfying when it is completed.

  3. Sploot has character and you didn’t give up. You stuck with it. Good for you. We all learn from our projects and I bet you learned a lot. You said you cut the paper mâché. Did you? It is hard as a rock. I couldn’t have done that. Sploot’s eyes really give him personality. Congrats!

  4. Thanks Lisa Ann, Eileen and Jonni. I would definitely have a hard time working with a less forgiving medium.

  5. It is frustrating when we need to do “surgery” like this…but I also find it to be a great challenge! Figuring out the problem…and how to fix it…and then being happy with the result. It’s like winning a prize…”I did it!!”
    (imo, it’s always worth the effort, too!)

    Mr. Pickle is a perfect addition, too – really brings Sploot to life!

    Good for you!

  6. I second what Jonni said! I’m forever chopping off one part or another in order to get things right! I’m also known to scrap the whole thing and use it to test paint colors. I’m glad you persevered…it was worth it!

  7. Joanne, I’m so glad I’m not the only on who has to take a sculpture apart and put it back together again! Even with all the ‘challenges’ you encountered (or maybe because of them) in the end Sploot and Mr. Pickle are perfect! 🙂


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