6 thoughts on “Sparrow on a twig”

  1. Lummie, just keep doing birds. They are great. I love them.
    (Teca and I spend our days chasing the neighbors cat away from our birds, which we feed every day!)

    • Hi Rex,

      Thank you for your comment on my sparrow and thank you and Teca for chasing the cat away from the birds in your garden.
      They need it, for a lot of birds need to be protected.
      Domestic Cats don’t need birds, because they are fed by their people.
      In my country they are going to shoot wild cats, because of the killing of too many birds.

      • We have ten species of birds here on the extinction list because of cats. Breaks my heart. In this part of the world, many people take cats out and dump them next to farms. It’s not unusual to see them when we walk.

        • That is bad!!
          Although I absolutely love cats, in our country 18.000.000 birds are killed, just by cats.
          In our country birds are protected, so it is against the law to kill birds. That is why they try to put a legal end to this by alowing to kill cats who wonder alone.
          They try to get cats legally chipped, like our dogs, but that hasn’t happened yet.

  2. Lummi, your sparrow is beautiful, like all your sculptures. But when you say you made it with foil and masking tape, do you mean there’s no paper mache or anything else over the tape?

    • Yes, that’s correct. I made the body with foil and taped it with masking tape. Glued the whole with sticky glue and painted it.

      ….hope I’m not cheating?….


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