9 thoughts on “Someone tossed a skateboard?”

  1. What a joyful dog. I have seen him (or one like him). A great idea, and his expression says it all, including that wonderful tongue. Great.

    • Thanks Rex, dogs may be my forte. Funny story, I am by my pond working in the garden and two sheriffs cars pull in with lights flashing. Oh crap, what did I do. I had just come home from the grocery store, did I run someone over??? This deputy gets out of his car with a toothpick in his mouth and hitches up his pants. I’m thinking that he’s been watching Cool Hand Luke. Says to me “You’re gonna laugh”
      Me: “I hope so.”
      Apparently some one had reported me for sticking a dead dog’s head on a stake in my backyard. This backyard is connected to the parking lot for the local library. (A doberman I was working on and have since abandoned – does still reside on stake ;~)

        • Oh! That is too funny. I can’t stop laughing. My dog is wondering what is wrong with me. Thank you. That is definitely the best laugh or story I will hear at least this week, probably a lot longer than that.

  2. I knew what this was to represent before I read your comment! Nice job. I’m curious as how easy it was to sculpt with papercrete. I’ve only ever seen it used for pots or in molds.

    • Not #too hard but has to be done in layers. I use a 3-2-1 formula. 3 parts wet and blended newsprint, 2 parts portland cement, one part drywall mud. The drywall mud gives it a more claylike consistency (not completely but more than a mixture without)
      Oh, and a strong armature.


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