Made by Sophia Morrison

My nephew got his first dog. It is a chocolate Lab but I wanted to give it some distinctive design beyond realism. The designs were collaged over a Styrofoam armature with plaster bandage strips for added strength, and joint compound to add a smooth finish.
I didn’t use any pattern and just trusted my sense of proportions to design the armature.
The cat was designed in a similar manner.

You can see some of my abstract sculptures as well on my website that also includes paintings. See:

Blue Calico cat made with foam and paper collage

5 thoughts on “SIT!”

  1. These are really wonderful. And your sense of proportions is way beyond normal, if you ask me. Thank you very much.

  2. Absolutely fabulous!
    How did you accomplish the painting on the cat?? I’ve done similar in 2D, but would love to have that effect on my 3D projects!

  3. Oh my goodness, are these both so beautiful! The dog’s design is almost like Zen Tangle….I have often thought it would be so great on a sculpture and wanted to do it. You beat me to it! Your intuition worked out really well. Well done on both!


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