Sculpted Horse

Made by Brenda Levasseur

This was my first attempt at Jonni’s patterns that I bought in Spring lol it’s still not done., I used the modeling paste and thick acrylic and pallet knife to put it on…instead of papermache . I’m working on the mane, had to cut off 2 inches of wet string, lol not fun but it’s getting there…now for other side…great pattern …I love it Jonni…

5 thoughts on “Sculpted Horse”

  1. Brenda, I’d love to know more about your use of the modeling Paste instead of paper mache. Like – how thickly is it applied, does it take a long time to dry, and have you noticed any cracking?

    • Hi no it hasn’t cracked on me yet and I do paintings with it …its made with acrylic so it hardens like a plastic ..but only use Utrecht modeling paste from dick blick. Other brands don’t work the drys in 24 hrs I don’t put it on heavy just let dry then do another layer if needed. I haven’t liked the previous layer so just painted it again..


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