Scorpiumpkin – A Paper Mache Monster

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Wow – yesterday “Skwirl” sent us her submission for the Halloween Mask Party. Not a mask, certainly, but definitely creepy! What an imagination! In a comment Skwirl sent in recently, she called this creature a “paper mache pumpkin scorpion thingy.” It now has an official name – Scorpiumpkin. (You can see more of that deadly tail in the photo down below.)

I’ll let Skwirl tell you more:

Well I’m not totally done with him but all that’s left is the varnish so close enough! I had no idea it would take me this long.

I started off with a pumpkin shape using the instructions on Scott Stoll’s (Stolloween) site and then it just evolved into this.

The armature for the appendages is mostly coat hangers, crumpled newspaper and masking tape and the pumpkin body is just a plastic bag filled with crumpled paper.

It was covered with 3-4 layers of paper strips, and then covered with paper clay (Scott’s recipe) and details added.

The teeth and the stinger were made of Creative Paperclay because of it’s smoothness and sandability.

He was a lot more work than I anticipated, but the results are totally worth it! I feel like a proud mama!

Scorpiumpkin - Paper Mache Halloween Monster
Scorpiumpkin – Paper Mache Halloween Monster

Skwirl estimates the final cost to be somewhere between $25 and $50. And well worth every penny, I’d say.


Thanks, Skwirl, for sharing your Scorpiumpkin! What a nice Halloween treat!

20 thoughts on “Scorpiumpkin – A Paper Mache Monster”

  1. “Unity” is finally finished! There are inspirational words decoupaged on her base under the “web” but you can’t see it in this picture. Going to work on her sister “Trinity” this weekend.

  2. Yes, mostly wire and newspaper. Originally she was going to be standing on tippy-toe, so I took a long wire, wrapped it around a rock, threw it in a plastic container, and filled it with plaster for the base which you can’t see in the picture. Then made the round shape that she is standing on with mache strips on a balloon, but it wasn’t stable enough, so I squirted expanding foam into the hollow ball. She was still not stable enough so that is when I added the “roots” to her arms and legs. I think I finally figured out how to paint her so I am very excited about that!

  3. Love the new piece. What did you use for armature? Newspaper? Wire? Really like the shapes and dynamics of the pose.

    • Well I use indoor outdoor water based polyurethane, but I don’t think I would leave it outside. I worked way too hard to take that chance lol.

  4. On a TOTALLY different note, here is another sculpture I’ve been working on. Her name is “Unity”. She’s not done yet, but hoping she will be soon! And then her sister “Trinity” will be close behind!

    Unity - sculpture

    • Hi Jaybo!
      Yes I have! I posted on his Facebook page. He’s seen it through a few of the earlier stages, and left very encouraging comments!
      Yeh, he’s awesome!

    • Thank-you so much Maggie! I think it would look really cool with a bunch of little scopiumpkin babies running all around it!

  5. I would also like to add that the only reason it cost that much was because I had to buy the huge block of cellulose insulation, a bunch of masking tape, paint and varnish. So the next one (not that I will ever make another of these lol) will not cost a dime! I barely put a dent in that insulation!

  6. Wow! Considering that I’ve been fighting bark scorpions for over a month, and learned recently that scorpions are related to spiders, this is the stuff nightmares can use for a springboard — great Halloween sculpting!


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