Saffron the Aardvark

Made by Lisa Anne

Saffron turned out a lot fancier than I thought he would!

He started with the inspiration of an IPA glass from a special event (used that glass as a mold to make his snout!) and he just came alive from there.

Paper mache strips, paper mache clay, fabric, bling, fur, and trim scraps, plus two wee ants I made from polymer clay (one on his ear and one on the back of his neck, poor guy!)

5 thoughts on “Saffron the Aardvark”

  1. I tried sending it with explanation but the photo wasn’t accepted. I’ll try another day with better photo

  2. Wow what fun Lisa Ann
    I have made an aardvark.. (by accident) . I’ll post it if I find the photo.. he ended up with a passenger which was a figure I left on his back to dry and she stuck!


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