Sad Day for Paper Mache…

Today, I found out through the good folks on the Yahoo Paper Mache Art group that we recently lost one of our own. Jonty, who shared so much of his knowledge with anyone who asked, has passed away. He had a big and generous heart, but it just wasn’t strong enough.

I spent most of the morning in a blue funk, deeply saddened by the loss of someone I never met – but how to express it?

Patch said it best, I think:

It is a special kind of sad — you never meet the person, often never hear a voice or see a photo, but you feel as if you know the person well, and can say things to him/her that you wouldn’t say to your closest ‘virtual’ friend for fear of shame or laughter, or you learn so much from the person it is as if they stood by your side with instructions.  And then, the email person you knew is gone and you never knew their last name, never mind anything else except vague generalities.  We think life is a road you can drive down, but it is a bit of papier mache newsprint, blowing away in the wind………………..

Thank you, Jonty – wherever you are – for being a part of so many lives. You will be missed.

12 thoughts on “Sad Day for Paper Mache…”

  1. I read about joint compound through your site. Thank you very much . Joint compound is wonderfull media for modeling. I am started to make a deer with paper mache. I made deer horns with paper mache and gave one last coat with joint compound then smoothed and finished. This joint compound coating will crack or flake off in future?.
    Need to give one more layer with toilet paper ?.
    Please advise. Thank you. I am from UAE.

    • If using the joint compound alone, it may crack if there’s any flexibility at all in your sculpture. I would cover it with one more layer of paper mache.

  2. When I 1st became interested in paper mache I read and looked at everything I could find on line. I remember finding this prolific artist with a wide range of interests posting videos about his craft on YouTube.

    After joining the Yahoo group I actually “met” Jonty and we exchanged comments several times. He was a skilled, kind and generous soul that freely shared his artistry and always had a helpful hint or comment to make.

    I was shocked and deeply saddened to read of his passing. He will be missed, may he rest in peace.

  3. just wanted to say to you how much I enjoy your website..bought your book and was able to do something Ive wanted to try for years..sculpture..I paint little watercolor portraits and have for years but sculpture has always been a secret desire of mine..I made the little daschund..he is grandchildren are fighting over him..I am now in the process of sculpting an english of my favorite canines..thanks so much for your wonderful book and all the help and information you offer on this website..I have learned and continue to learn so much..a fan

  4. Jonni, thank you for sharing Jonty’s sad news. I wondered how he was doing, as I had visited his blog through your blog just a couple of weeks ago. It’s sad. I hope his family knows that we all send a light hug and our condolences.

  5. Am saddened by Jonty leaving us… My prayers are with his family. He gets to do the best paper mache ever now where he is…

    On a brighter note – I got your book and am loving it! And am thinking about a “practical” thing to make out of mache — the only thing I can think of that I want “practical” is a big ole beautiful hand made clock base… for a wall in my living room! Will keep you up to date.


    • I love the clock idea. It’s another project I’ve thought about often, but never got around to making. I can’t wait to see how yours turns out.

  6. I only read on Jonty’s blog last week that he had had a massive heart attack, but from all accounts he seemed to have been slowly pulling through. I feel gutted to hear of his passing and know that we have lost a very dear and generous friend. He did countless experiments and shared all of his results with us, free on his web site.
    May you rest in peace dear friend, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help with PM, we will miss you.

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