Sabertooth head

Made by Crystal Heller

I made this cat by building the base around a cardboard sketch I made and building up the form with newspaper and masking tape. I then covered it in paper mache clay and added the nose and mouth with the clay. I used air dry clay for the eyeballs and then made the eyelids with paper mache clay. I then covered the whole head in fur and trimmed the nose and ceheks a bit , added a leather nose and airbrushed a little black around the eyes, nose and mouth 🙂

Thank you from Australia 🙂

Sabertooth tiger head sculpture
Sabertooth tiger head sculpture

7 thoughts on “Sabertooth head”

  1. Absolutely lovely work!
    Thanks for posing with that impressive fellow….in the first picture there is no sense of scale. “Life size” however – wow!


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