Roger the dapper dog

Made by Ali Drake

I made Roger a couple of years ago and looking at him now I can see my mistakes. I would like to try making another one. His head swivels as it is actually made to fit over a stump neck (sounds awful, I know) and he has little wheels under his paws so that he can be pulled around with a leash. I gave him a little tux collar and bowtie as he kind of makes me think of the 007 Roger. I can’t take any more pictures as I had to leave him behind when I moved and because of Cov restrictions I have not been able to go back and retrieve him. For now he guards someone else’s home.

4 thoughts on “Roger the dapper dog”

  1. He is a cool dog. To tell you the truth, he reminds me a lot of my neighbor’s dog, Millie, who is a Border collie. She has that look much of the time. The tux looks right, and he’s ready to go!

  2. This is a great dog! I love the 007 look! You know, I had thought of using wheels under a fullsize horse that I had made. I wish I had done that as it would be so much easier to move her around. Hopefully, you and Roger will be together again soon 🙂

    • Thanks. I actually retro-fitted the wheels by cutting off part of the sole of the foot and inserting the wheels. The wheels have a metal part with holes for screws so by adding a cross piece the wheels can be attached to that and then I used pm clay to fill in around that. I just saw a picture of a dog that saved its family and I am thinking of making a pm version of him. Roger may end up staying in his foster home as they have grown quite attached to him.


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