9 thoughts on “Rocky the Boomer dog”

  1. I’m going to say the obvious, but this will always be a great treasure to his family. And it is beautifully created, as always. You are the best.

    • Hi Rex+Winn,

      Thank you for your kind words.
      During the Process of making the little Guy, I always had my neighbors in mind, knowing how sad they are and missing their Rocky. So I did my best to make the best little Rocky I possibly could.
      To it comes that I absolutely love Animals, especially dogs.


      • I guess I need to get on Facebook and become your friend. My boy died five years ago (a miniature pincher), and I can’t imagine a better Christmas present to myself that a little statue of him that you made. (Is shipping to the U.S. a fortune?)

  2. Hi Lisa Anne

    Thank you.
    My Neighbors were glad with ‘Rocky’.
    Also many thanks for your compliments on this one.

    I sometimes sell work in order to keep my hobby affordable. I have a homepage and I also show my creations on Facebook and Pinterest. Facebook is the place where only my Friends can order things I made.

  3. Lummie, your creations are always lovely…this one so real and I’m sure a wonderful remembrance of a special pup.

    I’m wondering – do you sell your work? Do shows or have a shop or anything?


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