Rhino head

Made with D Bakeri

The armature is made of paper, steel wire and cardboard. It’s hollow to make it light enough to allow the sculpture to be hanged on a wall. The armature was covered with a paperclay made from boiled cardboard. The eyes, ears, nose and mouth are made of DAS airdry clay. The texture of the skin and the horns was made with joint compound that I smeared or brushed on the surface, then sanded it. The sculpture was then painted and gilded with imitation gold leaf, then covered by an oiled based acrylic varnish and two coats of asphaltum mixed with acrylic varnish to tone down the color of the gold to obtain a more brown-orange antique look.

paper mache Rhino head armature.
Rhino head armature.
paper mache Rhino head intermediate steps.
paper mache Rhino head intermediate steps.

10 thoughts on “Rhino head”

  1. Today my dad has tasked me with making him a rhino head bust. As luck would have it Google sent me here! I’ve never made one before but I’m game to try! Would you be willing to share your pattern for this? (For the cardboard skeleton part). Even a general idea would be of great help!
    Beautiful work!
    Thank you,

      • Hi Katie. This amazing rhino was made by D Bakeri, one of our readers. I don’t see any replies from the artist on any of the other comments, but hopefully you’ll get a reply. If not, I have a video showing how to make the inner pattern, the cardboard piece that sets the profile of the sculpture. With just the head, it’s an easy process. You can find that video here. Then you can use wire to fill out the rounded forms, or use crumpled aluminum foil and hot glue, like I do. (The sharp wire ends like to stab me, so I avoid it – but it obviously works really well, as you can see in the photos on this page.) Then add your paper mache.

  2. Stunning sculpture! I particularly like his eyes and horn, the details are fantastic, thanks for sharing.


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