Razorbacks Mascot Head

Made by Aimee Smith

My 11 year old was desperate to be the Razorbacks mascot for Halloween… knowing I couldn’t afford $300+ to buy it, I figured I would make it! So, Paper mache it was!

I used a cheap $3.00 rubber ball from the big bin at Walmart, packing paper(newspaper)… foam pipe insulation, expanding foam insulation, plastic mesh, quilt batting, red minky fleece and black faux fur totaling about $35.

After many layers of mache, I cut a very small slit in the rubber ball to slowly let air out.

At this point I used the expanding foam to fill the head… I used a mixing bowl that roughly fit my head to press into the foam for shape, then continued to fill around that… after the foam had set overnight, I took a knife to trim to shape for my son.

Next I attached the snout for which I used Pipe insulation foam to get the snout ridges, with mache strips and masking tape. I used the plastic mesh for eye openings allowing him to see easily. Finished off with batting and covered all with minky fleece.
After 3 weeks of work and dry time, we had our costume, and my boy was over the moon about it all!

Razorbacks mascot for Halloween
Razorbacks mascot for Halloween

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