Raul the giraffe and Fred the bird

Made by Anne Harmon

After watching a few of Jonni’s YouTube videos, I decided to jump right in and try my hand at paper mache. After making Fred, the bird, I decided to go big and make Raul, the giraffe. I created a skeleton out of PVC pipe, made the armature out of anything I could find, applied the clay, and had a great time painting him in my unconventional style. I enjoyed experimenting without a pattern, but if I had it to do over again, I would take greater care with the proportions (I wish the legs were longer), make the surface much smoother with extra layers of drywall compound, and ensure greater stability by making the neck more vertical. In spite of my mistakes, I’m pleased with the results.




7 thoughts on “Raul the giraffe and Fred the bird”

  1. I have to say it came out so amazing you have inspired me to make one I hope it turns out as good as yours it’s beautiful thank you for sharing

  2. Raul is perfect ! 🙂 I am making my own giraffe at the moment, hope he turns out as good as yours ! The painting is awesome !

  3. That is a great giraffe. I LOVE your unconventional wisdom! The coloring is great. I’ve made a few giraffes, and I always wish the necks were longer or the feet longer, or perhaps both, but this is a wonderful work of art. I love it all, and the face and horns are really nice.


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