Rainbow Dinosaurs (parts 1 & 2)

Made by Lisa Anne

Meet ROY & BIV!

(Well, and me, obviously…which I’d not normally do, but it helps provide scale in this case, so oh well…)

I decided to make a “three-volume set” of dinosaurs after being inspired by an article in National Geographic this year. I decided that, since we don’t REALLY know what colors dinosaurs were, I could go crazy with a rainbow of color. What started out as a one dinosaur project quickly – in my routine manner of making things more complicated…. :-/ -morphed into 3 dinosaurs:
ROY (Red, Orange, Yellow)
G (Green)
BIV (Blue, Indigo, Violet)

ROY and BIV now done, I’ll work on G shortly. At the time I’m writing this, G is currently just an egg. I think G himself is running around hiding in the studio (in my brain, anyway!). At the moment, he’s being elusive, but I’ll find him, and will share him here when I do.

These critters are covered in scraps of fabric.

I’ve included the second picture of the feet and bases so you can see those. I used polymer clay for the talons and was quite pleased with how they turned out.

Each critter was planned to have only 2 contact points on the base, and given their dynamic poses, that provided a lovely learning opportunity for me!


4 thoughts on “Rainbow Dinosaurs (parts 1 & 2)”

  1. Extremely clever and it is obvious that you love color! Cute names too! Did you glue the fabric on after it was dry or did you apply the strips while it was wet?
    I look forward to seeing G when he/she is finished!


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