Rabbit mask for kids

Made by Paolo

I just wanted to thank Jonni for all the tips you shared. I’m very happy with how my mask turned out. This is for my daughter who has two rabbit stuffed toys that she likes playing pretend with. Thanks again Jonni!

P. S. I don’t use glossy paint but still turned out pretty glossy. I also haven’t put any kind of varnish. Will a matte varnish fix the glossiness?

3 thoughts on “Rabbit mask for kids”

  1. Really cute rabbit mask. Great job painting it too. I don’t mind the glossy finish. I have found that a glossy finish brings out the color of the paint more. But to each his own I guess.

  2. Coelho! That is wonderful. I’m sure your daughter is excited. Now make some paper mache rabbits to show us! Thanks. It is great making things for kids. It’s why I started paper mache. Best to you.

  3. Hi Paola – your rabbit mask turned out really nice! Your daughter must be very excited. And yes, a matte varnish should take care of the extra shine. You might need to use several coats.


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