Made by Davina Starling

Tried the rabbit! I always wanted a Jackalope so I made one myself. Still have to put the horns on but it’s almost finished so I wanted to show it off. My first time trying paper mache. Just what I needed…another craft addiction!

Painted Rabbit Sculpture2

Painted Rabbit Sculpture3

6 thoughts on “Rabbit”

  1. Wow. The eyes and paint strokes on the head are really good! I especially like how you painted the ears because they are so dimensional. Great job!

  2. Davina, great rabbit! My dog walks me through the brush twice a day, and we always see hares. Three this morning. I love what you have done here. I tried one, and the fur was way off, and I like yours much better. I want to make another one and try this. Also, your eyes are fantastic.

    A first sculpture? Amazing. Thanks.


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