5 thoughts on “Quilt”

  1. A man of many talents! Quilting, paper mache and metal art! I like giving my paper mache a ‘metalised’ finish with acrylic paints and I’ve just sent hubby off to get some metal foils to try. I have some gold which I haven’t tried yet and he is going to get me some copper and silver. I would love to see some of your metal art. Well done on your quilting and puffer fish and love them both and thanks for sharing.

  2. I tell people in my next life that I am going to be a welder. I would love that.

    No heat in Milwaukee would keep me out of the shop!

    Thanks. I live in a small town, also. About 3,000 people.

  3. Alan, you are as bad as my five sisters! They quilt, but I like your taste in colors better! Great.

    And I can’t wait to see your puffer. That ought to be fun. Thanks.

    • I like welding metal art more. Quilts can take 40, 60 or more hours to do. I sent them off to my sister in-law to have the face attached to a backing.

      I used to live in a big city, just south of Milwaukee, now I live in a tiny town. I used to make dog memorials for people at the dog park. I also had a salesman that sold my art for me at a local craft park. I got laid off and then moved up north to help my Mom. My shop here is not heated so I have to find something to do.



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