Pumpkins (more)

Made by Rex Winn

It is October! My sister has a Halloween tree that looks like a web. Last year I made ghosts for her and this year it was these pumpkins. They may look a little weird because they have hooks on the top to hang them. They may look weird anyway.
Happy Halloween

[Note from Jonni – to see how Rex makes his pumpkins, click here to read his tutorial. And to see some of the pumpkins he’s made in Halloweens past, just put his name in the search bar. 🙂 ]

7 thoughts on “Pumpkins (more)”

  1. Thank you, Connie. I appreciate the comment. And Happy Fall back to you. We had a warm walk this morning, but it quickly turned cloudy, cold, and windy!

    • Cloudy, cold and windy? Fall in Florida arrived and we set a high record on Saturday of 91 degrees. Strong cold front arrives on Thursday and will give us sweater weather in the 70’s 🙂

  2. I just love the pumpkins! The colors are very vivid and reflects their age. By the way, no two pumpkins ever look alike with the top stems. I like the stems and very unique that you can hang them up. Nice job as always!!! Happy Fall!


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