Made by Alan Monteith

I have been a fan of Jonni for a long time but never had the courage to try and make something. I just finished two quilts and so now is the time. I made a wire frame and then stuffed it with paper. Then I taped it. Next I made the clay. Jonni said that the clay climbs up the beaters and she sure is right. I tried cutting off half of the blades but that did not work. The clay turned out nice. I put the clay on the fish but it skins over fast. I am sure that I put it on too thick and I did not get it on smooth. In the oven he went to dry. Then I put a light second coat on. I used glue and water on my finger to smooth it out . After drying, I put a coat of primer on and then I painted it. I guess I should have put on two coats of paint for better coverage. My goal was just to see if I could do it. I had a hard time figuring what to make but then Jonni just posed a video on the pufferfish.

Paper Mache Pufferfish

Paper Mache Pufferfish

7 thoughts on “Pufferfish”

  1. I was stationed at Kadena Air Force Base, Okinawa Japan in 1985/86. I saw one there.

    Thanks for serving!!!!

    The shop that I use now, has no heat. The town I live in now only has 100 people in north west Wisconsin. I use CAD to help me make programs and then I cut them out on my CNC plasma cutter.


    • We didn’t get “much thanks for serving” back then. Ha! Thank you.

      Someone does metal sculptures in our city park, big birds, like herons, with their wings spread. They are really beautiful.

      Thanks, Alan.

    • Thanks. I just used what Mom had in the house. Just like the quilts.

      It is funny, the toilet paper that I used came from a place called “Who Gives A Crap”. It is made from recycled paper.

  2. You did a great job on the pufferfish! When we were at Siesta Key beach and a fisherman caught a pufferfish. He unhooked it and held it in his hands so we call could see it. It was amazing how big the fish got when it puffed itself up. The fisherman returned it to the Gulf water. The expression on your face says it all!

    • Thanks. I have only seen one once. I was stationed on Okinawa Japan at Kadena Air Force Base in 1985/86. I was walking on the ocean shore and a couple of boys caught one.

      I am glad that you like him but I could have done better. I normally make metal art.

      • After you make a metal puffer, please post it. I would love to see that. I was in Vietnam but never got in the water! Don’t even know if they live there, but they are cute.


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