Pretty Bird!

Made by Sabra Overby

I had a dream about making a paper mache flamingo. But not just your average flamingo! This one I dreamed about was beautiful and multi colored. So when I woke up that morning I started right on it. The pot the flamingo is standing in is completely made out of a paper mache clay with egg cartons, LOTS of them and many slow and steady weeks of drying. For the legs of the flamingo I purchased 2 wooden dowel rods. I formed him with news paper, I didn’t really have a pattern I went off of but I did have multiple pictures I found online for reference when it came time to sculpt.

I used the silky smooth paper mache clay to create him! I am so happy with the out come. Oh for his eyes I created those with polymer clay and painted them. After he was finally finished it took about 8 weeks to complete!

I had decided that after making my sculpture, that it still needed something else. So I decided to make a starfish and a seashell to lay into the pot. I used the silky smooth paper macbe clay to form the shells, and I was very happy with the way everything all turned out!

Colorful paper mache flamingo

Starfish and seashell made with paper mache clay

9 thoughts on “Pretty Bird!”

  1. The starfish and seashell are a nice addition. I love the idea of a dream bird. Dreams have been a major part of my life, and I an in awe that you ran with your dream and created this beautiful creature.

  2. That is a beautiful bird and what a great story about your dream being the inspiration. Love the paint job. I’ll bet he brings a smile to your face every day!

    • Thank you! Yes, every morning when I wake up, I walk out to living room and just smile when I see him. Such a nice little addition to the scenery

  3. *Update! I have since added a starfish and a seashell I made out of the silky smooth paper mache clay to the water . Now he looks like he is truly wading in the water! ?

    • That sounds great! If you’d like to add another photo to your post, just fill out the form like you did last time, upload your photo and a few extra words, and I’ll update your post for you. We’d love to see the starfish and seashell! 🙂


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