Prayers for the World

Made by Patricia D. Wilson

This piece started as a face to use up my paper mâché clay. When the face was done, I decided it needed a body. Then covid-19 struck and I wanted to make a uplifting, positive statement. This guy is in a kind of lotus position saying prayers for the world. It made me feel better. Hope it does the same for those that see it.


5 thoughts on “Prayers for the World”

  1. You got the spirit of it! Especially love the ears that create a perfect mood and the hooves bringing together both sides of the world. Thanks.

    • Patricia,
      I’m sorry about the question marks. They were supposed to be smiley faces. They were before I sent my original message. You did accomplish your goal. Thank you for sharing.

      • Becky, I just now changed the questions marks to a smiley – WordPress doesn’t play nice with emoji’s, I’m afraid, but I’m sure Becky didn’t mind. 🙂


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