Paper Mache Wall Shelves

Paper Mache Wall Shelves
Submitted by Tani Hughes

Paper Mache Shelves
Tani Hughes' Paper Mache Shelves

Estimated cost of this project: $0.00 – $3.00 (if you count glue and varnish)

Because we recently moved from a 3,000sq ft house with a studio out back to a 1,600sq ft house without so much as a carport! I just cant stand to have any space put to waste. So I filled a need again with just stuff laying around like the boxes from our move…

A two cubby storage unit above my hot water heater in the laundry room that uses the same technique as the drawer only there are 2 layers of cardboard with the corrugations running parallel to add strength. Also there are 2-3 layers of newsprint under the decorative tissue paper here and there is no varnish or topcoat. It is remarkably strong and sturdy, mounted to the wall through the back in about 8 places, I used drywall screws through quarter sized metal washers so that the screws wouldn’t rip out.

Paper Mache Shelves
Tani Hughes' Paper Mache Shelves

Paper Mache Shelves
Tani Hughes' Paper Mache Shelves


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3 thoughts on “Paper Mache Wall Shelves”

  1. I was wonder if it would be possible to create a cornice board, for over my patio doors,
    with paper mache. I am a renter & can’t afford to put a lit of money into the
    project. I do, however have lots of suppies because I am a painter so have plenty of
    acrylic, oil & water colors on hand in lots of wonderful colors. Also, have gesso.

  2. Love, Love, Love these. I saw an article in a “Martha” magazine that had incorporated old drawers from various discarded dressers and painted white and I was sold. BUT! My search for the drawers prooved futile and I was at a loss as what to do until I ran across an extra thick cardboard box. I trimmed it, taped the edges and painted them white, inside and out and use them just as you have this one but I use it for individual Polly Pocket sets. Ingenious!

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