Paper Mache Photo Prop Egg

Paper Mache Photo Prop Egg
Submitted by Teri Niemeyer

Teri Niemeyer's Paper Mache Photo Prop Egg

Teri Niemeyer’s Paper Mache Photo Prop Egg

Estimated Cost to Make the Item: $10.00

Giant Photo prop egg, made with plastic flower pot for armature, layers of wadded paper covered with duct tape then masking tape. Then added paper mache, finally Paper Mache Clay.

Paper Mache Photo Prop Egg Construction Detail

Paper Mache Photo Prop Egg Construction Detail

Paper Mache Photo Prop Egg - Adding Paper Padding

Paper Mache Photo Prop Egg – Adding Paper Mache

Step 3 - paper mache strips

Step 3 – paper mache strips


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  • Can I just buy this somewhere I don’t have the time or the patience to make it where can I buy something like this?

    • Suzie, this item was made by one of our readers. If you need one but don’t want to make it yourself, try calling your local community college art department. They might have a teacher or student who’d be happy to make one for you.

    • I don’t know if Teri is still watching this post, so you may not get a reply from her. However, I’m pretty sure she sent us all the photos she took for the project.

  • Terri can you please give instructions on step by step how to make it please, i looove it i want to make it before next saturday the 15

  • ok so i just use regular white printer paper , wad it up about how many layers did you use? and how long did it take to dry completely?

  • I am trying to make this as I speak, it has taken me hours to get as far as I have gotten, the pot I purchased at the dollar store was ten dollars not to mention all the tape I have already used and will probably have to back and purchase more, I am using a huge pot though as it is for twins,either I am not doing something right or just simply having problems getting duct tape to stick but it doesn’t look like any egg I’ve ever hopefully it gets better as I have a photo session this week and would like to use it:)

  • A store called Big Lots/Odd Lots. But it was not that shape. I cut the top off, then cut the peaks. Surprisingly, it was very easy to cut with an old scissors. I saved the top to use upside down as a form for an “egg holder”.
    But that’s a project for next year’s easter photo because I have been inspired by Deyanna’s boat for my Father’s Day Nautical Pictures!

  • Teri, the egg is adorable. Could you tell us where you found the plastic flower pot? I can’t remember ever seeing one like that.

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