Paper Mache Bowls, Translucent Sconces, and a Tiny Box

Paper Mache Bowls, Translucent Sconces, and a Tiny Box
Submitted by Paco Ojeda

Papel Maché from Paco Ojeda on Vimeo.

Being more of a newspaper/cardboard/glue than a paste wireframe kinda guy, most of my projects are utilitarian. Here’s another look at my translucent sconces:

And here is another “practical” solution for my kitchen:

5 thoughts on “Paper Mache Bowls, Translucent Sconces, and a Tiny Box”

  1. The links to Paco’s videos no longer work, Jonni.

    Thought you’d like to know, as the search engines don’t like broken links.

    (The links also feature in the PDF download, of course). It’s a shame they’ve disappeared.

  2. I absolutely love your sconces, and I totally get what you said about the whole facebook ‘friend’ thing. I stay off facebook. It’s nothing but a troublemaker from the word ‘go.’ 🙂

    Anyway, I could not resist telling you how awesome the sconces are, and I really want to try something using your technique, Jonni’s and some other things that have been rolling around the back of my head: sort of a mixed media thing.

    I followed the link from your friend, Jonni Good. She’s amazing, as well. You’re just a couple of inovators, aren’t you?

    If you get a chance, check out some of the craft projects on my site, which is only a subdomain for now, as I am new there, and still testing the water. Check out Kitty Town! 🙂
    It really has nothing to do with paper mache, but it is craft, if not insane craft. Kitty is pregnant so I wanted to build her a suspended sanctuary from the dogs and grandkids.

    My site hasn’t got tutorials, just pics. I guess I could do tutorials, but nobody goes there, so why bother?

    Again, I love yours and Jonni’s techniques.

  3. Muy guay tus ideas, me encanta y me encanta escuchar tu voz tambien, muy tierna y dulce. gracias por la clase, voy a empezar pronto con mis regalos por navidad. Y estoy de acuerdo que algo que nos gustamos no es cosa para vender ;-))

    muchas gracias

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