Poppy Kitty

Made by Lily Peterson

This is ANOTHER amazing orange kitty named Poppy (not the same kitty that Helen made). Poppy is a boy despite his name (my sister named him when she was three) and he is an amazing snuggly guy.

Poppy, the cat

3 thoughts on “Poppy Kitty”

  1. hi lily, your cat is so gorgeous, he is very like my own ginger moggie Sushi. thank you for sharing. I love him and your sculpture

  2. Hi lily, love your kitty, there must be a universal take over of orange moggies. He looks like Give me more Catnip and your sleeping moggie looks like my mog ‘sushi ‘ (but they never sleep, they just pretend) they always move the top of their tail when I glance over at them. Super work


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