Pooh n friends (Works in progress )

Made by Angi Johnston

These are works in progress. Due to Psoriatic Arthritis & MS, it is taking a while to finish these, but I’m getting there. Paper Mache’ Clay is a game changer. I’ve even worked out how to brush it on and smooth it out.


5 thoughts on “Pooh n friends (Works in progress )”

  1. I couldn’t remember if I had commented on these memorable pieces. Fifty years ago my sister and I went to Disneyland and fell in love with these characters, and you have done a masterful job of creating them. They are beautiful and well done. Thank you. Look forward to seeing more as you progress.

    • Thank you. I’m super happy with how Eeyore turned out. Still kinda shocked I made it lol. Paper Mache Clay is awesome stuff. I usually make miniatures but now I can make anything I want, any size I want (better for my eyes lol) and I love making Disney stuff.

  2. Wow – SOO cute!
    I’m really interested in how you “brush it on”. Do you water it down a lot?? Always looking for good tips and tricks!

    • So I use some of the paper mache clay, I add more glue, joint compound & water to thin it down. Make sure to stir it well before each use, and during use. Washing brushes in soapy water gets them clean. Sometimes brushing gently, makes for a smooth finish. I do also sometimes sand my projects.

      P.s. So sorry it has taken so long to reply. The truth is, I have MS, so even tho I left this tab open, in order to reply when I was able, it was accidentally closed. Which means I forgot (my MS affects my memory) so I am answering now.


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