Pine cone gnome…

Made by Carol Brown

First, I want to say that this is not paper mache, it is cement clay but I think this could easily be made with paper mache strips or clay. He sits on a stand because the cement made the pine cone so heavy that it would not sit up without support. I do plan on making another one, or two, with paper mache using a larger pine cone. There shoes at the ends of the twine, I’m not sure if they will show.

3 thoughts on “Pine cone gnome…”

  1. Thank you. I did follow a tutorial using the cement but after buying some larger cones I’m going to try using paper strips and clay.

  2. That is great and so clever. I took Teca to the canyon yesterday and walked in the forest up there. I saw pine cones (sticky) and left them on a post. I didn’t have the creativity to see what a wonderful gnome it would be!
    (Even had pine nuts in it, which I haven’t seen for years.)


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