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Paper Mache Sculptures – Photos from Readers

Your Paper Mache Sculptures –

Paper Mache Pumpkin

Paper Mache Pumpkin

We’ve been receiving some wonderful photos of paper mache sculptures from our readers, like this paper mache pumpkin from Angie and Alex.

And now we want to see yours. Just upload your photo (small file sizes, please!) into your comments. We would all love to see your latest creations.


  • You have inspired me to creat this Octopus. It is for vacation bible school. I got carried away and it’s too large to fit on my car. 5×6 foot octopus needs a ride to Church!

    • Viva, did you try to upload a photo? It didn’t work. It may have been too big. I hope you try again – I really want to see that octopus!

  • Hello there Jonni! Boy, you are right on top of things this morning.

    My roosters had a fun photo shoot that morning. I wanted a few photos to send my daughter and didn’t want a boring inside photo. πŸ™‚

    I wish they were weatherproof! But with your new concrete lion video tutorial, I just may have to try making some concrete roosters. You are such a great inspiration. Did you ever get a new camera?

    • No, I didn’t get a camera. I finally figured out that all I needed to do to get the street noise out of the videos was to shoot the videos in a different place. I moved my studio (again!) and now I have no need whatsoever for a new camera. I’m not quite sure why it took me so long to figure that out… πŸ™‚

  • Here is one of my paper mache Christmas ornaments. Some people say he looks like Joseph, Jesus, Wiseman or Father Christmas. When I created a few similar, I was thinking Father Christmas. I used a aluminum foil base and Cellulay with acrylic paint.

  • Hello, I have enjoyed many of your paper mache videos and recently your concrete lion. My first and last paper mache creations were ten years ago; roosters, Christmas ornaments and brooches. I used powdered Celluclay.

    I enjoyed it immensely but never got around to starting up again. You have given me insentive to start up again.

  • Hello
    I finished our paper mache clay sculptures of zombie hands (not gory!) and a P Shooter head from the game Plants Vs Zombies. They were for scarecrows we entered in our local show. Wonderfully our P Shooter received 2nd place in the Open Group category : ) Everyone gravitated toward his bright green head! It turned out so great thanks to your recipe Jonni. Thanks! I had tried standard paper mache first, however wasn’t happy with the imperfections and then found the clay recipe. We also won 1st place for our Individual Open scarecrow: Father Time… He didn’t have any paper mache, however I could help but make a little helmet for the crow that stood upon his shoulder out of left over clay I had! : ) (NB: I’m not sure how to upload several photos at once so I’ll reply to my own post! : ) First one is when the head was finished before attaching.

      • Head and hands in making. I applied the second coat of clay to the head all at once however should have only done half at a time. The weight created a couple of small cracks which I patched with more clay! All fine! You can see in the following photo. I also used gypsum for the head which is why it is a brown colour! I think I was trying to make it more weather proof/mold proof due to living in tropics…

        • Adding mouth part to the head… A plastic plant pot, then I added old dishwasher hose to the opening to get the rounded opening. You can also see some patch work : )

          • This is the crows helmet… I don’t have a photo with it painted, however I painted it silver… I made an impression on the sides of his helmet with a craft ring and then a tool from a nail manicure pouch for the indents at the front… I had to leave it on to dry till it was hard enough to hold its shape otherwise the shrinkage (although minimal) would have meant I couldn’t get it back on!

            • Last one I promise! I just wanted to add a hand as it was being made… I really love how you can create such great detail with this clay! Thanks again Jonni and happy sculpting everyone! : )

            • Oops! I forgot Disco Dan! He’s “Stay’n Alive”! Hee-hee…. Paper mache hands! I reckon if it weren’t for such a great recipe, this wouldn’t have been half as much fun!

  • Hello Jonni,

    I recently completed this pair of ventriloquist masks by using the techniques in your book. Each one is actually two masks; the outer one being the hinged jaw.

    Thanks so much for sharing your methods!


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