Pet Portrait Auction Begins Today!


Today’s the day when the pet portrait auction begins, to raise funds for the Global Sighthound Rescue group. If you haven’t yet had a chance to see the work done by the artists who are participating, I thought I’d give you a short tour of their studios. Click on the links below to see their artwork and learn how their unique pieces are made.

Deborah Masouras does beautiful batik paintings with colors that are so glowing, they almost look like stained glass. You can see how these wax paintings are made on her blog.

Jen Zalewski is offering a linocut print portrait of your pet. You can see how the prints are made here. (I love that wolf!)

Xan Blackburn is going to make a soft sculpture for the winner of her auction. You  may recognize her name from her frequent comments on this blog, or from her guest post that showed us how she created a faux-bronze paper mache dog. Xan also designed the website for the Global Sighthound Rescue group, and she and her husband have adopted a dog through the group. Check out the gallery on her site to see her beautiful pet portraits.

Mindy Thomas will be creating a pet portrait on a small ceramic pot. Take a look at her blog to see the incredible detail of her portraits.

Sarah Snavely may already be familiar to you if you love animal sculptures. Her ceramic greyhounds are quite distinct, and she has a national (and perhaps international) reputation. Check out the gallery on her blog to see why.

Jonni Good – that’s me, of course. I’ll be making a mini display mask of someone’s pet or favorite critter. The puppy’s mask at the top of this post was made as a “practice” piece, just to see how a small mask would look on the wall. Now imagine a small mask of your dog, cat, (or wolverine, puma, orangutan, ??) hanging on your own wall, if you put in the winning bid.

Suzie Collins is a pet portrait artist. She’s offering a graphite portrait of your pet, made from your photo.  You can see samples of her work on her Facebook page.

The bidding has already begun, so if you’d like to participate, click here to see how the auction works, and choose your artist.

Even if you don’t intend to bid on any of the artwork, I hope you’ll take a moment to check out the forum that Xan put together just for this event. (Nice job, Xan!) You can see all of the artists’ work right in one place, add your comments and encouragement, and see how the auction is coming along. You can even meet some of the beautiful dogs that are helped by this rescue group.

I hope to see you there.

14 thoughts on “Pet Portrait Auction Begins Today!”

  1. Hi Jonni,

    Just wondering how the auction went. What are you going to get to work on? How much money was raised? Great job to all the artists for commiting themselves to a worthy cause. Two thumbs up. 🙂



    • So nice of you to ask! The bidding is still going on. According to their website, the bidding can go on until, 9pm PST April 30th, 2011. There are a number of bids for all the various art offerings, and a new artist even signed up to make things more interesting. You can see how it’s going here. (It looks like I may need to study up on Borzois. They have such an aristocratic face – very different from the lovely mutts I usually live with 🙂 ).

      • Oh! It looks like you’re one of the top three. Terrific! I don’t know what a Borzois is. Not much of a dog person, myself. I’m guessing that’s what that is. I’ll have to look it up later.

            • Yes, it was over on April 30. I get to make a greyhound mask, but Nancy hasn’t sent photos yet – she says her dog won’t hold still long enough to get a good picture. I think it will be a great challenge, but I am a bit nervous.

            • Jose, thanks for being interested in the auction! We raised a total of $2520, and Jonni’s highest bidder bid $360! All the artists (e.g. Jonni 😉 ) and bidders were so generous in their donations for the hounds; the group was so grateful and humbled by their generosity.

              Jonni, those photos may come through when you least expect it! No worries. I’m sure you’re up to the challenge. Luckily, being artists gives us some artistic license, allowing for a sense of style and interpretation. Your skills and talents will knock this out of the park, trust me!

            • Wow!!! That’s awesome that you raised so much money. Great job to all involved. I have faith in your skills as well Jonni. Hopefully you’ll let us see when you’ve completed your project.

  2. My gosh ! What an inspiration you are to so many people. Your animals, sculptures, everything …..AND, you keep on going with new ideas and problems to tackle. I just love it !
    I don’t know what I’m doing here…but, had to add my praises to all of your admirers….I think
    my first try did not make it to you………(I don’t know about “files”) etc, but I’m so anxious to
    give you a verbal “hug”. Your “Getting Serious” hits a soft spot in alot of us I bet……WOW

    • Thanks, Nancy! What nice things you say! (The “files” doohicky under the comment field is used if you have a photo you’d like to show off with your comment. )

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