Percy a penguin

Made by Linda Krautner

Percy a penguin should have been the easiest papier-mâché creation but the feet gave me a lot of problems & worse now as the toes are pointing up. It is much too heavy! The feet were made with everything wire tape glue epoxy clay and then I put them in the oven which probably Deformed them as the hot glue melted and then shrunk. But I am trying to do the projects From Jonni’s book. ….lessons learned by mistakes.????


5 thoughts on “Percy a penguin”

  1. Tis penguin is so cool! Love his chubby body.
    I think he will survive the harsh winter. Really love you use of colors.
    Don’t fret about his feet, maybe follow Rex’s tips…

  2. I absolutely love it!! I always try Not to think of them a mistakes or junk one thing we need to remember is that it is art and craft it would not be a sculpture without first having an imagination. And any imperfection makes it art. Like i said love it!

  3. I like your penguin. I don’t know why, but many of the ones I made have toes that turned up. What I do is put a dab of paper mache clay on the feet and then press the penguin down onto Saran Wrap. That way at least they stand up. I agree that practice is the right mindset! I like your paint job, also.

  4. Linda, I think both your penguin and your cat are beautiful. My daughter and I were recently talking about our many ‘mistakes,’ and we decided to start calling them all ‘practice,’ instead. But my ‘practice’ sculptures don’t come out as nicely painted as your penguin! 🙂


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