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I knew I was drawn more to “goo” and mixed media than painting, but it took a few years to finally figure that out. Now I’m totally hooked (oh, what to do with all the canvases I have now??)

Anyway, this was the second of what I’m (only half-jokingly) calling my “Covid Critter Series”. Making critters has helped keep my head on straight during this weird time full of uncertainty and extra work, and I’m ever so glad I discovered “making” rather than “painting” in time to take advantage of it!

This guy was modeled actually after a painting I made in 2019 (second photo). I did NOT anticipate covering him/her with “bling”, but who knows – you gotta just go with the flow. Critters can speak to you as much as characters do for writers, so you just have to follow their lead rather than your own!

The challenge here (besides it being only my second ‘critter’ in this series) was figuring out the balance! A trip to my “storage room” full of various mixed media supplies sourced mostly from second-hand stores revealed a REALLY heavy trivet kind of thing made of uber-heavy tiles and wood. Yay – the base!

Ingredients: cardboard, crumpled pattern tissue and newspaper, original paper clay, joint compound, heavy-duty wire, acrylic paint, lots of various bling from my stash of stuff, sand & shells from trips to the beach (prior to Covid era!), glass bits, and the aforementioned base.

The painting the pelican sculpture was based on.
The painting the pelican sculpture was based on.


Bling on the pelican sculpture.
The “bling” on the pelican sculpture.

5 thoughts on “Pelican”

  1. I love pelicans, and I love yours. I was with you all the way on your mixed media — still am — until I saw your painting. That is a gorgeous painting. How much do you want for it!

    I really like this, and you’ve given me an idea what to do with shells I’ve had in a drawer for 20 years. It’s a shame to keep them hidden, and I really like this idea. Thank you. That look on his face and beak are fantastic.


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