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I did this peacock last year after following your videos. It was my first time and I was very happy with the final results. The tail has real feathers but all the rest is paper.

I need to make a new one as this one got burnt in the Australian fires, but I’m sure the next one will be much faster!!! (this one took me a month)

Thank you so much!! 🙂

Paper mache peacock's tail
Paper mache peacock’s tail

Paper mache peacock's head

8 thoughts on “Peacock”

    • Hi Lezlie. This beautiful peacock was not made from one of my patterns, and I don’t have a pattern for a peacock. However, our friend Kelly Richard made a Great Blue Heron and wrote a tutorial that shows exactly how it was done. They have a different shape and no peacock tail, but it might give you some ideas for making a peacock of your own. You can find it here.

    • Hi Lezlei,
      Maria here. Just find your question. If you still want to know, I’ve just transfer the pattern from a projection of the picture of a real bird in the wall. I did the body and then 2 extra wings, and then joined with aluminium foil, as Jonni explains in her videos to give dimension and bulk ?.
      For the tail, I trace from different picture… But this was more eyeball
      Hope this helps

  1. I love peacocks! They are the world’s most beautiful birds and you have done an amazing job recreating the stunning plumage. Looking forward to seeing your next version 🙂

  2. Maria, that is a beautiful creature. His perch is perfect. We had peacocks for a while, and this one brought back fond memories. Sorry you lost him in the fires. That was awful. Can’t wait to see the next one. Thanks.

  3. What a handsome fellow!
    Thank you for sharing…I was sorry to hear you lost him in the fire, but I’m thankful for the shared pictures and inspiration.
    A beautiful piece indeed!


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