papermache clay is the new marble OR royal bust

Made by Pedro / Mr P

Hi everyone
Summer has finally arrived and its time for paper clay sculptures!!
Within my baroque art project, I’ve “constructed” this bust of a Portuguese Queen in order to try out new possibilities of self expression that paperclay can give. I’m rather happy with the result because, before, I’d tend to smooth all with Das clay because I guess I was wanting to be accepted as a bust portrait maker. Now I feel much at ease and I’m loving all those textures! The colour variations are due to the different paper batches (tp makes it whiter, scrap paper makes it grey and cardboard boxes makes it really dark.
I’ve been told that looks like something that is covered with nature.
Anyway, enough bragging about it, hope you like it!
Do recycle and have fun 😉

3 thoughts on “papermache clay is the new marble OR royal bust”

  1. Waw! I’m amazed. It is really nice, and it does have that weather-aged look about it. I also relate to the fact of wanting to have it all smooth. I struggle with it myself, though it is absolutely unnecessary to smooth this out. It looks absolutely fabulous the way it is, and I believe smoothing it down would not have made it any better. Really well done.

  2. I love it, Pedro. The different colours due to different paper types are genius. It really does look weather-aged. Excellent.


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