Paper Mache Waste-Paper Basket

Paper Mache Waste Paper Basket
Submitted by Jonni Good

Paper Mache Waste Paper Basket

Estimated cost of this project: About $2, for paint and flour.

I made this waste-paper basket to hold all the junk mail that shows up at my house. I made it by cutting a cardboard box into a size I liked, and covered it with two layers of newspaper and raw flour and water paste. When that was dry, I added one more layer, using brown paper from old grocery sacks. When dry, the waste-paper basket was finished with craft paint, construction paper, and acrylic varnish.

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  1. Thanks for the idea. I went to the store to buy one and could not believe how much those little plastic things are!!! I am going to make my own and have fun while doing it!!!! Thanks again!


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