Paper Mache Side Table, Organizer, Tortoise Planter, and Roman Box …

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Four more items have been submitted to our Practical Paper Mache project. I think we might actually reach the (completely arbitrary) 50 projects by the May 30 deadline. A big thanks to all the wonderful folks who have contributed ideas so far.

In the last few days Payal Pandey sent in a tortoise planter that makes good use of a slightly broken bowl, and a lovely side table that reminds me of the furniture made back in the Victorian era. Monica Franco sent in photos of a paper mache Roman box (check out the creative use of a potato stamp).  Karen Eichelkraut submitted a wall organizer unit (seen in the photo above). The organizer would be very useful in my “studio” (a corner of my kitchen) – and it would be great for a child’s play room, too. All the projects cost less than $5.

To see the latest items, click on over to our Practical Paper Mache page.

3 thoughts on “Paper Mache Side Table, Organizer, Tortoise Planter, and Roman Box …”

  1. I am opting to order your book today. I just love your ideas and work and I want to start expanding my creativity. I had put off ordering your book but I am a sucker for printed pretty books!! Adding this to my collection — and then getting started on making some fun things. And am going to make it a goal to have something to submit to your May 30 “online show”… GO me!

  2. Thank you, Jonni! I’m going to post another item shortly, it’s a paper mache bird bowl. It will probably be used more then the box, but again I got it from a book. Thanks again!


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