Granddaughters’ Paper Mache Pufferfish

Made by Eileen Gallagher’s granddaughters

These two paper mache pufferfish were made by my 6 & 7 year old granddaughters. We used Jonni’s method but adapted it slightly to make it more kid friendly. The armature was of tin foil but we used masking tape instead of the hot glue gun. The first layer was done with paper strips and paste. The fins and tail were left that way but then I introduced Jonni’s smooth air dry clay. They loved using it but didn’t quite grasp the concept of doing half at a time for easier handling. The next thing I knew, the top, side and bottom were being covered! Thank goodness we had the dowel to hang on to! They loved poking all the holes in the clay with a toothpick…that is until they had to paint all those little dots. in all, it was a fun project ant they were pleased with their end results. So was Grandmom!

Unpainted paper mache pufferfish

7 thoughts on “Granddaughters’ Paper Mache Pufferfish”

  1. Love these! I asked Jonni (and she kindly mentioned you as a grandma reference?) for some advice on paper mache that was grandkid friendly…not the air dry type but maybe a more pulpy type, (drier) easier to handle and able to dry well if it’s a thick type of sculpture (or even using cookie cutters type of thing. I hope this made sense…thanks for any information you might have. Carol Brown PS Love your work!


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