Paper Mache Octopus

Made by Cindy

Hi Jonni and fellow paper mache enthusiasts! I rang in the new year by completing this paper mache octopus that I started back in July. It started as a joke really, but turned into a pretty enjoyable project.

Materials include wire, aluminum foil, newspaper, masking tape, shop towel, paper mache clay, hot glue, glass eyes, acrylic paint and lots of time and patience.

Paper Mache Octopus Side View Paper Mache Octopus Up Close

12 thoughts on “Paper Mache Octopus”

  1. WOW!!! Awesome octopus! the suckers just make it. I bet that took a lot of patience. The glass eyes look so real. I think your octopus should be in a gallery or museum. You did a fantastic job!!!

  2. Cindy! Your art rocks. I was looking for inspiration and you just gave it to me! I want to make a giant octopus light fixture. Going to try PVC and/or pool noodles and wire for the tentacles, as I need an opening to run wires through each tentacle. You have most definitely showed me it can look amazing with a paper mache finish. Thank you for posting.

    • P.S. Also wanted to say that you did a great job and the entire octopus is well done! I love the color and how you painted it. The octopus looks right at home on the shiplap wall!

  3. Wow, great job! I love it. I also like hearing that I’m not the only one that takes awhile to finish projects.


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