Made by Maira E

This is my first time with paper mache.
I was inspired by something quite similar seen online time ago.

For the mermaid armature I used a small plastic plant pot, aluminum foil and tape.

I covered the armature with thin layer of paper mache and, when the sculpture was dry, I smoothed the surface with joint compound applied with wet fingers.

After letting it dry I engraved fish scales and some details using precision cutter.
I also added a few scratches here and there as worn effect.

I decided not paint it, I just applied wax paste previously mixed with a little bit of dark brown acrylic color. This finish protects sculpture and colored wax stuck in folds and scratches adds a vintage touch.

Thank you so much Jonni for your very useful tutorials, I greatly admire you and your fantastic works.

Paper mache mermaid pot

Closeup photo of paper mache mermaid

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