Paper Mache Leopard

Made by Nikki Petock

Here is my first paper mache project! I saw a leopard statue I wanted for my living room but it was way too expensive for me so I came to the world of paper mache! I made the super smooth air dry clay to make him and applied a coat of joint compound on top to finish him off. Thank you so much for all your videos! They were so informative and helpful!

Paper mache leopard

12 thoughts on “Paper Mache Leopard”

  1. Hi, just found this sculpture, amazing! Maybe you could share your secret of how to get the porcelain look you’ve achieved with your leopard?

  2. Mighty impressive! First project? Even more impressive! I hope you are hooked on paper mache now and will show us more of your projects.

  3. Absolutely wonderful! And your first paper mache project, WOW! Can’t wait to see what comes next, hard to improve on this one.

  4. Nikki, when I saw your leopard, the first thing I thought was, “Don’t be rude and call artists liars!” First? This is one of my favorite sculptures ever (and I’ve been looking for 9 years). Absolutely stunning, and probably worth twice what the other one costs. Can’t you give us lessons?

    I love the spots, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, everything. I am just in awe. I’ll be coming back to take a look a few times.

    Thanks for showing us your masterpiece. Just amazing piece of art. Oh my gosh!

    • I just want to add that my dog and I went for a long walk this afternoon in 4″ of snow. She ran like crazy through the sagebrush, but I was on the lookout for a leopard. Can’t get that out of my mind. You have a great artist in you.


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