Paper Mache Chess game

Made by Gargi Sachdeva

This was my first trial with chess game using paper mache. After the project got over, concluded we can go away with all the plastic and wood that goes in making of chess game across the world. Had made the snake and ladder board earlier. Due to that the more challenging bit was chess pawns. Kept taking feedback from friends and managed to give reasonable output. Specially because, it was my first experiment with chess game.

Paper Mache Chess game

Paper Mache Chess game

2 thoughts on “Paper Mache Chess game”

  1. The chess set is expressive almost comical but I take exception to the comment about doing away with all the plastic and wood being used to create chess sets. Most sets are based on the Staunton design going back to the 1850s. I can’t imagine using Papier Mache to reproduce that design. its what’s in the regulations for tournaments and most chess player’s brains are wired to recognize patterns using those pieces. But
    your art is first rate.


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